Thursday, November 8, 2007

A Summing up for Now

I tried a little movie expressing some of my feelings about this class. However I have not been able to upload it. I've even contacted Blogger help and they said they would try to fix the problem but nothing has happened so far. If it does upload at some point I will share it. I am very grateful to Donna and Carlene for offering this course and sharing their wealth of knowledge! I've learned so many new things and tried so many things I was afraid to try before. My biggest drawback has been finding time to play with all these new toys!!! I am looking forward to learning lots more in the future!


Features... said...


Yahoo!!!I am so proud of us. What a fantastic journey - a real wild ride. Can you believe how much we have learned, though? AMAZING!

Keep posting. I love when Book Marks shows up in my googleReader. (Such a great name for a blog!!!)

When are we going to celebrate? How's Tuesday after TL meeting?


bookmarks said...

I agree! It's been a blast! The only day I can't meet is Tuesday after the TL meeting!! Is there any other day that will work for you? I hope Jane can join us too!