Saturday, October 6, 2007

My Second Book Trailer

I have redone the first trailer I did but this time used pictures from Wikipedia that I cited. As far as I know this should cover any copyright issues.


lakertl said...

I never knew there were photos at Wikipedia. I should proably go back and put credits for the photos I used. I feel guilty for using them. You chose lovely images. The volume was very low for your narration when I listened on my machine at school. I had both places I know to increase the volume on max. Maybe there is more I could do at this end.

Donna said...

I too, would not have thought of going to wikipedia for images but you found some lovely ones which work well for your book trailer -- good thinking!


bookmarks said...

I think the low volume comes from how I recorded it. I did it at home using a headset with a microphone. However, I don't know what I should do to rectify the problem.

Carlene Walter said...

Hello Diane,

I like your choice of images as metaphors of Francis' journey - a dark tunnel and the rejuvination of the spirit with the arrival of spring.

To rectify the low volume, when recording ensure that your microphone volume level is higher than you have it set now. Look in your Control Panel - click on "sounds and audio devices".

bookmarks said...

Thanks Carlene! I will try that.