Saturday, October 20, 2007

Rss Feeds and Frustrated by Feed Link

I too have had a Google rss feed since the IT summit but I rarely have time to even look at it! I've never been great at organizing my info into folders and I think this is my downfall. The start pages look wonderful and I'm truly inspired by Tanya's! I'm hoping when I have time I can go back to this, do a start page and make it so well organized that I will use it! I have to admit defeat on trying to get a colleague's delicious page on my blog. I can do it as a link but I cannot do it as a Feed Link. Everytime I try I get the message "invalid feed url". I've been to the help site and am still clueless.


Donna said...


Are you clicking on the orange rss button at the bottom of your delicious bookmark page? When you click on this button it will open a new window and the url should be

Notice it has rss in the address.

Paste this URL into the feed window that opens from your add page element link.

Hope this helps,


bookmarks said...

Success! Oh thank you Donna!!! I had tried clicking on the rss button but I was left clicking. When I right clicked I didn't get a new window but if I clicked on "Copy link location" it worked!!!! Many Thanks!!