Thursday, October 11, 2007

Summary of Some Search Tools

I chose to do a search using "grief " and "children's literature" since I've been focusing on the novel After by Francis Chalifour. I found the 'Narrow Your Search' aspect at to be much better than what Google came up with. I think younger students would be fascinated with Quintura for Kids. I really liked Kartoo and Search Crystal. Kartoo's connections I think would help kids visualize this process and lead them in directions they may not have thought of themselves. I liked how Search Crytal categorized its hits and at a glance you can tell which returns are the best . I will definitely have students try these two search tools out.

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Carlene Walter said...

My students enjoy Ask web search process of clustering "the Web into topic areas and determines the authoritativeness of pages and images among their topic community." It helps students by suggesting search terms as they type. Very beneficial for those students who can only define their search terms using limited vocabulary.